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we manage big data

From pricing intelligence to unstructured data analysis, big data systems at Buynando are at the core of our business.

The BI team at Buynando uses predictive analytics, topic extraction algorithms, advanced data mining techniques and other schticks to achieve our business missions – real-time predictions and recommendations for our customers to act upon. Our developers get their hands dirty, everyday, with the latest from Hadoop to AWS Redshift, from Elastic Search to R, and other technologies that get the job done – at MASSIVE scale.

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We solve big problems

We love innovative thinking, but what we really like to do is apply this to real eCommerce problems. Perfecting our shopping hub is just another part of lunchtime conversation, so it should come as no surprise that we direct our resources and knowledge to finding solutions that all consumers, retailers, and advertisers can apply.

Our team is dedicated to solving problems, that are highly valuable in revolutionizing the eCommerce world, by developing highly advanced technology.