Buynando is expanding the world of e-commerce by applying its smart solutions contrived from user engagement to enhance online shopping, for both businesses and consumers.
The team of shopping scientists back at our studios uses their knowledge, research, and expertise to design algorithms tailored to best promote and monetize products online. Hundreds of partners across the  globe use our world altering tools to ensure shopper engagement; utilizing e-commerce experience to the max.

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we serve 20{M} Shoppers a Day
1.5{B} Impressions per Month
100{TB} of activity data
200{M} SKUs
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Combining design and technology, Buynando’s ambition is to evolve e-commerce into a fully immersive experience.
Our line of products is growing everyday to provide awesome solutions for e-shoppers and e-sellers.

Shop on Top


Shop on Top is a shopping app currently available on Android (iOS and web are coming soon) that puts consumers and sellers at an efficient meeting point – the Shop on Top SHOPPERS CLUB. Shop on Top’s mobile app makes it easy for shoppers to browse through catalogs-worth of competitive prices, including club deals and discounts.

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Make more money from your own store catalog.

AlphaAds is an e-commerce SaaS solution that uses Buyando’s context analysis and behavioral algorithms, to give retailers an additional monetization solution for their own product catalog. AlphaAds’ sponsored product ads creates a “win-win” experience for both retailers and brand marketers by driving new monetization revenues and generating increased traffic and conversions.

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